Given the long history of condemning black mothers, especially should they raise their children alone, which is to say without a man; given this history and its varied accusations against the women who held you up it comes as no surprise.  No, you are not shocked that in a moment of crisis, after a stray bullet broke through a second story window at Sojourner Truth Academy, that a press conference would be called, that calls would go out to black men, to be “real men” and all that that assumes, that speeches would be given.  This is not new, so when someone, identified as a black leader, somehow “necessarily” a man, goes before a mic, in front of a school named after a black woman who understood intersections, to again fabricate the pathology of black single mothers, citing them as the problem, saying that the first thing he tells them after a bullet goes through a school window is to search their house.  Because it must be their child, it must be them harboring something ill & deviant, if not creating that deviance & illness.  No, you are not amazed, though you are given pause as you recall, Gloria T. Hull, Patricia Bell Scott and Barbara Smith, that piercing title echoing over time that “all the women are white, all the blacks are men, but some of us are brave”, and you consider what that might require, to be among the brave who suggest another sociality, fugitive and on the run, as the women who held you up have always been.